Cool Gas Generators are a unique and patented technology developed by TNO in the Netherlands. It is an alternative way to store gasses that is non pressurized, has no leakage, is space proven and delivers pure gas at ambient temperatures and can be used as an alternative for pressurization of pressurized tanks. In a CGG a solid propellant is decomposed into the required gas and a slack that remains inside the gas generator.

Conventional gas storage has its disadvantages. When stored under pressurized bottles it involves bulky (high) pressure vessels, potential leakage and it requires complex mechanical components and redundancy. To avoid this gas can be produced by burning a solid material in a conventional solid propellant gas generator, but these devices produce mixtures of hot gasses which need active cooling. Cool Gas Generators have the advantages of solid propellant gas generators but they provide a pure gas at ambient temperatures, while keeping the same advantages: compact, modular, small and lightweight and a long lifetime without maintenance.

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