Parachute Deployment Device

In this project CGG safety & Systems takes part in the development of a Parachute Deployment Device for the European Space Agency for a spacecraft landing on planets like Mars.

In partnership with TNO, APP and Vorticity Engineering, a British-Dutch team has developed, built and tested a demonstrator device that can shoot a parachute out of a landing spacecraft with sufficient speed that the parachute can deploy in the free airstream, ensuring a good deployment. The Parachute Deployment Device will be powered by a fast solid propellant gas generator. The study consisted of literature studies, system and gasgenerator design, setting up a numerical model to predict the performance of such a deployment device. The model is validated by a series of tests conducted early 2015.

CGG Safety&Systems will take place in the literature study part at the start of the study and will be responsible for setting up a the test plan for the tests of the demonstrator. The background knowledge on the development of gas generator systems available at CGG Safety and Systems will be used to complete this assignment successfully.

In the past European landing systems were mostly equipped by US developed parachute mortars. This development will enhance the European independence in this field.