Micro CGG for space applications

TNO-28In November 2013, the Delfi N3Xt cubesat was launched with a miniaturized propulsion system on board. This system has eight miniaturized CGG’s on board and was activated a few days after launch. Two CGG’s have been fired successfully since then. These CGG’s are very small, weighting only 2 grams, a diameter of 12 mm and a length of 30 mm. They deliver 0.15 liters of nitrogen each.

CGG Safety & Systems is responsible for the comercialisation of these CGG’s. CGG Safety & Systems has set up a commercialsiation plan, is looking for possible manufacturers and is co-ordinating the marketing and sales activities. Furthermore, it will manage all production activities once the comemrfcial offering has started. The miniaturized CGG’s will be marketed via the cubesat webshop of ISIS BV from Delft, the Netherlands, starting from the first half of 2014.