FP-7 logoDeploytech is a 7th framework development programme, led by the Surrey Space Center, that aims at developing inflatable and deployable structures in space. CGG Safety & Systems, together with TNO is developing a small Cool Gas Generator that will inflate a boom in space. The CGG has to be small and lightweight to fit into a small 10 by 10 cm cube.

The CGG is equipped with an innovative resistance wire igniter that allows it to be placed outside the pyrotechnic class, allowing easy transport of the units. The CGG will fly as part of the QB-50 mission in 2015. The CGG developed here is 900 mm long, has a diameter of 16 mm and weights 40 grams.deploytechIt produces 3 liters of nitrogen gas at 1 bar and 273 K. One qualified (expected mid 2014) the CGG will be marketed and distributed via the Cubesat webshop of ISIS BV in Delft.

The CGG developed for this application is also available for applications in aircraft and safety systems here on Earth.

CGG safety & Systems is responsible for the whole CGG development and qualification, design of the CGG and production of parts and testing of the CGG.