Deployable and Inflatable heatshield study


A team, led by Vorticity Engineering and with Fluid Gravity Engineering, Thales Alenia Space and CGG Safety&Systems as partners, has won an ESA study into Deployable and Inflatable heatshield concepts. The  study will start in early May and will run for 12 months. At present  landers that can land on Mars and other planets are limited by the fairing diameter of present day launchers which determines the maximum diameter of the heatshield. This study will explore possibilities for larger heatshield using deployable and inflatable techniques.

CGG Safety& Systems will participate in the study by examining and evaluating different inflation concepts and to create conceptual inflation system designs for the system studies that are part of this project.

These studies are very interesting and exciting as it gives us the possibility to be at the forefront of new developments in planetary science.