CGG for life vests for aircrew

294315_9279Under a contract of the Dutch MOD, CGG Safety & Systems is developing a new inflation system for life vests for military pilots and aircrew. This development aims at a 16 normal liter nitrogen generator  with a manual ignition that can be used on existing life vests. The innovation is the absence of maintenance that will reduce the life cycle costs compared with the present systems. The challenges are the stringent requirements of the military aviation and the fact that the system has to operate both in the air as in the sea.

The development is carried out together with APP BV who will also be responsible for the production of the CGG’s once they are qualified. The first units could be delivered to the Dutch Air Force in the first quarter of 2015. Further commercialization is carried out by ResQme BV of Haamstede, the Netherlands.

This CGG can also be used for various other applications, like the fire extinguishers and emergency valve actuators.

CGG safety and Systems is leading the development and is responsible for the system design, part of the testing and the interfacing with the life vest.

The CODEMO CGG demonstration model under test at APP

The CODEMO CGG demonstration model under test at APP