Third CGG on board of Proba 2 succesfully fired

July 11, 2016

On June 16th, 2016 the third Cool Gas Generator on board of the European Proba 2 satellite was fired by a command from the ESA ground station in Redu, Belgium. The firing was a complete success. The CGG was 11 years old and has spent 7 years in space and no degradation of the performance was measured. This proves the long life without maintenance of this technology. The fourt and last CGG will be fired at the end of the proba 2 mission, which is expected around 2020. It will be used to lower the orbit of the Proba 2 […]

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Successful test of the CODOMO prototype generator

September 18, 2015

The prototype tests of the CODEMO cool gas generator were held early September 2015  at Aerospace Propulsion Products in Klundert. During these tests fully functional prototypes were fired several times to assess the performance of the design. The Cool Gas Generators were equipped with fully functional activation mechanisms of UML and a life vest provided by the Royal Dutch Air Force was used to demonstrate correct inflation. The CGG was equipped with an advanced thermal protection that kept the outside from getting too hot. With the results of these test, CGG Safety & Systems and APP can close the demonstration […]

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Technical, personnel and business support activities are now available for customers

July 31, 2015

Since the start of our company, CGG Safety & Systems has been involved in interim personnel services and support proejcts for customers using the expertise it has built up with Cool Gas Generator work. Now we are marketing this capability as a separate activity and will be more active in promoting it. If you ahve a need for techncial expertise in the field of thermal analysis, fluid system analysis, prototype design, construction and test or modelling of physical processes. Please contact us. A more detailed description fo this service can be found here

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Inflatable Re-entry shield study kick-off

May 22, 2015

On the13th March the kick-off was held of the Deployable and Inflatable Hypersonic Decelerator study. In this ESA study, led by Vorticity, Thales Alenia, Fluid Gravity Engineering and CGG Safety & Sytems work together to study these advanced concepts. Deployable and Extendable Hypersonic Decelerators can be used to enlarge the diameter of a heatshield to reduce the heating and deceleration forces on a lander by increasing the diameter of the heatshield by extendable panels or inflatable structures. CGG Safety & Systems will be responsible for system studies and trade-offs between different gas supply systems in order to provide the best system […]

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Parachute Deployment Device Demonstration successful

On May, 21st 2015 the final presentation and close out meeting was held at ESA-ESTEC in Noordwijk. The PDD team consisting of Vorticity (UK), APP (NL), TNO (NL) and CGG Safety & Systems presented the results of the design, construction and testing of a PDD demonstrator to ESA. The project was very successfully closed as several very successful have been carried out which demonstrated that the team has achieved TRL 4 for the whole device and TRL 5 at some points, exactly as planned.

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New large and high performance CGG development started with ESA

May 13, 2015

The development of an advanced CGG of high performance has started on Friday, May 8th with a kick-off meeting at ESTEC. With the kick-off a first phase was started which will eventually lead to a 500 nl CGG (scalable between 200 and 1000 nl) of high performance (250 nl/kg and 290 nl/l). The purpose of this development is to create an alternative pressuirsation system for constellations of communication satellites. Now, these satellites fly with off-loaded tanks to make room for the gas needed to pressurise the propellant in the tanks. With the CGG’s, the gas is provide from an external […]

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CGG Australia has started

April 30, 2015

On 23 March 2015 an MoU was signed between CGG Safety&Systems BV and Spacelink Consultancy pty ltd. of Melbourne Australia to set up a CGG Agency in Australia. CGG Safety&Systems Australia has been created to market our existing products in Australia and New Zealand, seek new customers and to develop new applications tailored to the Australian market. CGG Australia will be manned by Frank Papa and Flavia Tata Nardini. You can reach CGG Australia on and on: Tel: +61 (412) 470 047 Address: CGGSS Australia PO Box 2187 Brighton North, VIC 3187 Australia

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Parachute Mortar tests successful

In February 2015  TNO has conducted 5 tests of the Parachute Mortar Demonstrator. Parachute Mortars are used to shoot out a parachute during the landing of  probes on distant planes like Mars or Venus and for return capsules that land on Earth. Up till now, all European landers were equipped with American parachute mortars. During these tests a dummy parachute was fired in the TNO large rocket teststand in Rijswijk, the Netherlands to check the correct working of the system. The tests were very successful and all goals have been achieved. The tests were not only conducted to demonstrate  European […]

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Life Jacket CGG tests and review successful

At the end of February and in the beginning of March 2015, APP and CGG Safety&Systems conducted a series of tests of a first demonstration model of a life jacket inflation CGG. The test were carried out as part of the CODEMO project, which is done in co-operation with the Dutch Ministery of Defence. The tests were successful and showed that the design is sound. The thermal protection system worked very well and during the later tests, a life jacket was inflated. The tests have given a wealth of data that is analysed now to improve the design. In the […]

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CGG’s are now commercially offered via the Cubesatshop

March 13, 2015

CGG safety&Systems BV and ISIS BV have joined forces and from February 2015 three types of Cool Gas Generators are available in the cubesatshop of ISIS BV. These are the 0.15 nl micro CGG, that has flown on the Delfi N3xT satellite, the 3 nl CGG that has been developed in Deploytech and the shortened version, the 1.7 nl CGG. ISIS has set up a new category in their Cubesatshop for the Cool Gas Generators called “Propulsion and Pressurisation”. The Cubesatshop is an on-line shop where many different parts and services for cubesats are offered to customers world wide. The […]

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