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CGG Safety & Systems Australia has been created to market our existing products locally, seek new customers and to develop new applications in Australia and New Zealand. CGG Safety&Systems Australia is the exclusive local representative of this unique European Space related technology in Australia and New Zealand.

CGG Safety&Systems Australia offers regional expertise to government, industries and research facilities to allow organisations in this region to quickly and effectively access this new technology and its products.

CGG safety&Systems Australia – benefits and value to clients

CGG Safety&Systems Australia will service the Asia-Pacific region in real-time  and with rapid response due to its local presence.

It offers direct technical support for the whole Australian, Asian and Pacific market during business hours. This capability strongly enhances  the services provided by our head office in the Netherlands. CGG safety&Systems is manned by professional experts who have extensive business expertise in this region.

CGG Safety & Systems is your bridge to our European headquarters and to our growing global business networks.

CGG Safety & Systems Australia – Team

CGG Australia will be manned by a team consisting of Frank Papa and Flavia Tata Nardini. Frank is the head of the Australian office and responsible for Business Development and Flavia is responsible for technical matters and sales.

Flavia Tata nardini

Flavia Tata Nardini – Sales & Technical, M: +61 424 487893, E:

Located in Adelaide, Flavia is a co-founder of LaunchBox. She has many years experience in the space industry as a member of the team which developed CGG technology. She has worked on the development of several innovative micropropulsion systems for CubeSats, the qualification of an igniter for the Ariane 5, and on the development of hypergolic green propellant.

Frank Papa

Frank Papa – Business Development , M: +61 412 470047,  E:

Located in Melbourne, Frank is a qualified communications engineer and a project manager. He has decades of experience across many Australian Businesses, Industries and Government organisations as an educator and project manager. He is also an accomplished entrepreneur having championed a number of innovative products to market, is an International Space University alumni, and a past member of the Australian Space Industry Chamber of Commerce.

Postal Address:

CGGSS  Australia

PO Box 2187

Brighton North

VIC 3186  Australia


T: +61 (0) 412 470047