About us

CGG Safety and Systems is a young high tech company, located in Klundert, the Netherlands. Founded in April 2011 as CGG technologies, the company builds on the solid heritage built up by TNO on the Cool Gas Generator Technology. In 2013, the IP activities and technical activities were split and, CGG Safety and Systems was created. The management team of CGG Safety and Systems, consisting of an experienced Financial and Marketing Manager and an experienced TNO Business Developer and Project manager, builds on twenty years of experience in space engineering, technology development, finance and entrepreneurship.

CGG Safety and Systems works closely together with Aerospace Propulsion Products, the company that produces the Ariane 5 ignition systems and operates a production plant for Cool Gas Generators. With this production plant APP becomes the second strategic partner.

CGG Safety & Systems is a privately held  limited business (b.V.) under Dutch law. It is recognized by ESA, EU and the Dutch government as an SME (small & Medium Enterprise). The majority ownership of CGG safety & Systems is held by the management team.


To better serve our customers and partners in Australia and new Zealand, CGG safety&Systems Australia has been created.

CGG Safety and Systems operates as a “spider-in-the-web” as it develops new applications for Cool Gas generators. CGG Safety and Systems identifies business cases, develops business plans around them, forms consortia that span the value chain, prepares and guides the technical development and sets up the funding schemes for the development of the new products. CGG Safety and Systems aim at developing one new application for Cool Gas Generators per year.

The company differentiates itself in the technology and is active, with help of its partners, in a wide variety of markets: ICT, aeronautics, safety, defense and maritime engineering. In order to maintain and steer the technological and product development, CGG Safety and Systems has small engineering team to support the product development by creating new CGG technologies and study different innovative applications. An organogram of the company can be found here.

Space is a major market for the company. Not only are the applications in space the most developed ones, but the technology development for space drives the Cool Gas Generators forward. The innovations developed for Space are also very useful for the terrestrial applications of Col Gas Generators.

In this project CGG technologies will bring in its knowledge on the application, development and testing of gasgenerators as part of the Dutch team. It falls within its technical activities business area.

Relevant company experience
CGG technologies participates in different Space and non-space developments of CGG’s, Some relevant projects are given below.

Project Timeframe Customer Partners Description
SBIR oxygen 2011 Min. of economic affairs none Research into the possibilities for an oxygen cool gas generator
PEP 2011 2011-2013 NSO Moog-Bradford, TNO, APP, Lab. medisan Research and development of both nitrogen and oxygen CGG technologies for space
Deploytech 2012-2015 EU FP-7 SSC, TNO, Astrium etc. Development of a small nitrogen CGG for inflatable structures
HELIOS 2013-2014 Min. of economic affairs Lab. Medisan, TNO, Topox Development of a oxygen CGG for evacuation helicopters
CODEMO 2014 Dutch MoD APP. TNO Development and production of a nitrogen CGG for life vests for air crews
Micro CGG commercialisation 2013-2014 Market offering ISIS/ TNO/ SystematIC Micro CGG will be offered commercially via de ISI Cubesat webshop

Together with its partners, CGG Safety and Systems has built up a portfolio of different CGG designs that are currently marketed or in development for production. These are both for terrestrial as well as space applications.